Gurdwara Busy Book & Bag

Gurdwara Busy Book and Bag!

With Vaheguru Ji’s blessings, I would like to present the latest edition to my wipe-clean books! The Gurdwara Busy Book & Bag is intended to keep children busy whilst they are inside the Gurdwara; through various activities and tasks which all relate to the Gurdwara. Not only will children learn but the aim behind this book is to let parents have some peace and quiet so that they can concentrate whilst in Guru Sahib’s hazoori!

How many times have you packed a bag for the Gurdwara and ended up carrying it all? Well no more as each book comes with a FREE bag! A drawstring bag which encourages children to carry their own belongings and most importantly a bag to transport their new Gurdwara Busy Book! The book and bag encourages children to sit inside the Diwan Hall and partake in Gurdwara related activities. From designing their own healthy langar to listening attentively to the Shabad which they then write down, this book is guaranteed fun and most importantly makes a trip to the Gurdwara more memorable.

As it’s a wipe-clean book children can use this again and again! Creative Khalsa’s book would be incomplete without a dedicated page of tracing the Gurmukhi alphabet and filling out the clock using Gurmukhi numbers!

Hurry as stock is limited. Order yours for the perfect gift this Vaisakhi ❤️

24 Wipe-Clean pages.
- Gurdwara checklist
- Draw what you are wearing to the Gurdwara
- Design your own Chaur Sahib
- Design your own Rumalla Sahib
- Design and complete the Vaja
- Gurmukhi clock
- Draw your Giani Ji
- Label the Palki
- Design your own langar thaal
- Complete the Tabla
- Gurbani before eating
- Practise writing all of our 10 Guru Ji’s names
- Practise Gurmukhi Alphabet
- Colour in the Mala
- Listen to the Shabad
- Panj Piare
- Maze
- Mediate
- Letter writing
- Sahibzade names
- Seva checklist