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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! With Guruji’s apaar Kirpa, I would like to introduce to you ‘My First Mala’.

A must have for every toddler! This Mala is manufactured using PLA which is a thermoplastic made from from renewable resources such as cornstarch. Due to its more ecological origins this material has become popular and safe within the toy industry!

The vibrant colours are perfect to encourage colour recognition. The shapes are solid and textured with perfectly sized slots for threading.

This set is specifically designed for little hands; an ideal size, robust and durable. ‘My First Mala Set’ comes complete with a bag for portability and easy storage.

Threading Beads have multiple developmental benefits for little Khalsas!
They help to develop fine motor skills by using precise hand movements to thread the beads with the provided string; a lifelong skill benefiting activities such as writing and sports in later life.

Moreover, children will develop hand-eye coordination and will recognise colour and letters. Not only will this encourage children to recite ‘Vaheguru’ but children will develop independent and collaborative play!

Order yours now :)

Please note: lead time for manufacturing is 1 week then 3 days delivery.