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Sikh Treats, the company that brought you the first Sikh Advent Calendar to celebrate the 550th Gurpurab are now proud to announce that a brand new product is ready to be lanunced.. the Sikh-ing Inspiration in 2020 Children’s Calendar!

This exclusive calendar can be used not only as a monthly planner but a calendar featuring key sikh based information relating to that particular month.

Children will be encouraged to put these monthly teachings into practice within their daily life by having the option to self reflect each month of something good they have done. Each month is dedicated to a Gurpurb or Sikh celebration. This unique calendar will teach children the significance behind each key occasion in addition to giving them a monthly mission or fact.
14 pages are devoted towards inspiring role models in our Sikh faith giving children an opportunity to look up to the real superheroes from our history. Furthermore, we have dedicated 2 extra pages for children to learn about inspiring Sikh women, adding emphasis on equality.