Gurdwara Home Set

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A Gurdwara Pretend Play set!
Have you ever played “Gurdwara Gurdwara” at home? We certainly have!

Now your children can play properly instead of using all your cushions!

Now they can have the Gurdwara at home! They can have an opportunity to use their very own Chaur Sahib and learn how to carry out Guruji’s Seva!

Simply place your iPad or a Gutka and let the fun commence! You can even teach your children how to Matha Tekh from the comfort of your living room! When you’re not using this set for pretend play, you can make the most of it by sitting with your family and listen to Paat together!

Please note: This set is to encourage children to learn how to respect Guru Granth Sahib Ji at the Gurdwara and should be treated with respect.

You may receive a different coloured Rumalla/Chaur Sahib, this is subject to availability. 

Gutka Sahib is not included.